Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SERC Preparatory School in THEP'2008

Recently I went to participate in the SERC preparatory school in Theoretical High Energy Physics(THEP) organised by SGTB Khalsa College (University of Delhi) from 23rd Sep to 20th Oct' 2008. Details about the school is given here
It was an awesome experience to be a part of it. Specially the course on QFT by Palash Pal(SINP) and Amitabha Lahiri(SNBNCBS) was mind-blowing. Unfortunately they did not give any soft-copy of their notes which I could share with. Secondly the course on Particle Physics and Standard Model by Anindya Datta(CU) and Rahul Basu(IMSc) was also of much benefit as far as Phenomenology is concerned. They taught from a proper phenomenology point of view which was definitely of my as well as many other's interest. Prof Datta had severe cough/throat problems during the school. Surprisingly he did not even use the loudspeaker. So there was "basically" no chance of relief. During his last two lectures which were a bit boring ( it was about the parton model) many of us were busy conducting some experiments inside the classroom. Me and Sushant were counting how many times Prof Datta had to cough during his one and a half hour class. The result we arrived at was 348(+/-5) times in one and a half hour. This is a damn big figure. I wanted to warn him regarding this and to request him to take proper care..but unfortunately I could not dare to do that. Some other guys counted how many times he used the word "basically" in the class. They arrived at some figures which we found very difficult to accept. We also counted how many times he used the word "however" and arrived at 58(+/-3.5) in one and a half an hour. It was real fun to do these experiments at the time when the world is busy in doing experiments like LHC, RHIC etc...
Apart from the courses and the profs the students were really cool( upto some good tolerable approximations) and I really had a very good time with them. People like Sudhanwa Patra(PRL), Kaushik(Mysore Univ), Debraj(SNBNCBS), Arun, Prakhar (BHU),Shruti, Sandhya, Pooja(DU) among others were truly fun-loving. Although Pooja turned dangerous sometimes but finally there was not much problem..she got back her "coolness" finally. I should not forget Dr Mamta (the Director of the school) who was so caring and cool. Apart from that she was the most beautiful lady in the SERC school( as Kaushik bravely mentioned that in front of her). Patra was the most popular student there. He became famous after many funny incidents happened to him which I have to skip here.He was a real genius in QFT and a passionate guy about calculating scattering cross sections of various processes.Even Profs e.g. Rahul Basu and Anjan Sen made fun out of him.It was really amazing...
I am missing those people now a lot. Hope to see you guys again....Rock On!!

Physics as a Profession

I have no idea how far I would be able to go by opting research in physics as my profession. But the important thing is that life is really peaceful now. I know tough days are ahead. Its just the starting of my research career. I happens very rarely that people get a chance to work with some coolmax Prof like my supervisor is. I am working with him for almost two years. Starting with Friedmann cosmology, I have learned QFT, standard model of particle physics, Left-Right Symmetric Model(LRSM) , Supersymmetry(SUSY) basics as well as different SUSY models under him. Currently I am working on the SUSY left-right model and its collider/cosmological signatures. This model is basically an extension of the Standard Model where we incorporate two extra symmetries: Left-Right Symmetry and Supersymmetry. Details of the work will be posted later...

My Life : A Chaotic Journey

I know the time is yet to come when I will be able to write something about my life. Still a long way to go. Being confused about what to post I thought lets start something very journey till date. It was started at Bogajon Satra, a village in Assam, India. The flowchart along the direction of time would be like
Bogajon-->Guwahati-->New Delhi-->Mumbai-->Munich-->Mumbai
I would like to call various points in my life as genuine phase transitions. The place where I was born people were not literate enough to know what IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)'s are, what Scientific Research is etc etc. Rather they always appreciated power and money. Naturally it also went into my mind. Whenever people asked me what my aim was (or is!!!) I replied instantaneously "Deputy Commissioner". People really appreciated that. At the same time I also knew one thing that Physics and Mathematics are the two subjects which were most fascinating for me although I was unaware of the fact that people can build their career with such subjects only. Then I thought I would do BSc with Physics/Mathematics and then would appear Civil Service examination.
After finishing my class X, I came to Guwahati (the capital city of Assam) to pursue my XI-XII.There I got to know about institutes like IIT, IIM etc. and realized that there are lots of things as well as institutes. Although due to financial problem I could not take some good coaching for the IIT-JEE'2003 still I gave it an unsuccessful attempt. I wanted to get admitted into the Integrated MSc course in Physics in IITK. But after the failure in JEE, I went to New Delhi and joined the BSc programme in Physics (University of Delhi).I spent my days there with people from Bihar as well as UP and naturally got more motivated towards Civil Services examination as you may know Students from Bihar, UP in Delhi mostly prepare for Civil Services.But at the same time I knew that I was losing interst in the kinds of life a civil-servant has to live..something like very busy, tensed, disciplined etc etc. More importantly the bloody politicians politicize the civil servants in such a way that they have to tune into the frequency set by the politicians.These were very unacceptable for me.But since my family always insisted me in doing that I somehow made up my mind to do it.But after I came to IIT Bombay to pursue my Post-Graduation somehow I completely lost my interests in those civil-services etc etc.Life in academics seems the most peaceful for me now. I feel as if I would be a student throughout my life. I know how good it feels to be a student...& now I knw how better it feels when we come to know that the remaining life will not be anything different(upto first order approximations) from a student life.
During my stay in Delhi I used to travel by 2nd class railway compartment whenever I ran out of money or did not get reservations in sleeper class. It was horrible to travel for 38 hours by 2nd class Indian Railway. I went like this three times from New Delhi to Guwahati. If you have ever seen people trying to board in the 2nd class compartment you would certainly realize how brave I was to go like this..:P
And luckily enough few months back I got an opportunity to travel by international airlines like AIR FRANCE when I went to Germany for 3 months. I was visiting Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics,Garching. I had an unbelievable experience out there. Specially for the people in my village I became like an "ideal" . For the people who never saw a railway station traveling by airlines is something really big. Anyway when I went to my home after coming back from Europe most of my childhood friends who are now rickshaw driver, shop owner, some educated but unemployed like most people came to know my experience. I cant say how I felt at that moment. I know its difficult to adjust with so different kinds of people at a time; people from Europe, Bombay, Delhi & then from my village. But somehow I manage to handle this...I miss them so much.I hope I would be able to remain as good as before to all of my friends and siblings.
Its 3 years now in Bombay and noting much is happening in life here. I am just waiting for the day when I will get my degree from IITB and fly away.....After most of my MSc friends left the insti its really boring to stay here..May God take me out from here soon....