Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last few days of PhD life!

The very title of this post is enough to explain my disappearance from the blogosphere for more than four months or so. PhD life has always been fun until recently. I don't even remember now how many trips I made during last four years for attending schools, workshops, conference as well as for picnic, trekking, wildlife etc. May be the distance I have traveled will be close to the one from Earth to Moon ;-) But finally, the fun-time was over and it was time to do some serious work to finish PhD. With just a few months at hand, it was really scary. The most hectic thing was applying for postdocs, arranging recommendation letters, writing thesis etc which often took me away from the research works I had been involved. And, at the end of the day all these efforts went in vain except for an offer in India. Although there are good people in India to work with, the salary of a postdoc is just four thousand rupees ($80) more than the monthly scholarship of a PhD student and with a bonus of more than double the workload. If I had enough time at hand, I would have probably chosen another PhD life than the poor life of a postdoc in India. Anyways, my time in Montreal is almost over, I have many things to update about life and work in Montreal, hopefully I will do that after returning to India next week!