Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wish I were a collider physicist...........

Tevatron at Fermilab although gonna be shut down soon, producing lots of excitement among the high energy physics community. Although LHC has lot claimed any new physics so far, recent Tevatron data are showing deviations from the Standard Model predictions at 2.5-3 sigma confidence level. Although these can not be taken as a discovery of new physics and we need to wait till more data come out and analyzed, they give physicists lots of opportunities to publish papers with high citations. Initially it was about like sign dimuon charge asymmetry, then it was about top quark forward backward asymmetry and now its about dijet excess of events in the range 120-160 GeV all of which do not agree with the Standard Model predictions. It would be really sad to see Tevatron dying amidst such excitements. But anyway, LHC will take this charge from Tevatron very soon and will continue this excitement. For PhD students like me, I think it would be the smartest step to switch to collider physics as long as these colliders are alive and publish as many papers as possible ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Work For last one month :(

Since the quarter final match of ICC cricket world cup, I have been doing no work at all. Just after the World Cup, I went to PRL, Ahmedabad for a meeting on Dark Matter and then to Assam. The meeting on dark matter was not as good as I was expecting. This might be because, there was a big international workshop cum conference at SINP, Calcutta on the same topic in January. Anyway, it was nevertheless useful for me, the hospitality at PRL was as good as before. Just after returning from PRL, I left for home in Assam. It was really tiring to do consecutive journeys but you usually don't feel it much when you are going towards home sweet home after a gap of six months. This home trip was special for me in the sense that I was at home during the occasion of Bohag (Rongali) Bihu. Although the fever of Assembly Elections in Assam somehow diminished the excitement for Bihu, for me it was special. It was great to be at home on this occasion after a gap of 9-10 years. I could also cast my vote for the first time in my life, and that was quite exciting. I also visited the physics department of Tezpur University (a Central University located in a town called Tezpur) and gave a talk on my work. Apart from preparing the talk, I have done nothing for the last one month or so. Trying hard to get back to work seems really difficult after a long gap :(